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If you're interested in finding a first-rate .Net developer, computer programmer or database engineer, or maybe you're would like to start your first ASP.Net / C# / SQL Server e-commerce website, you have found the right person.

My name is Boris Bord, I am a Computer Programmer by trade specializing in .Net Programming, .Net Architect, ASP.Net / ASP, VB.Net / VB, C#, JSP, Javasript / DHTML, XML, XSLT, ColdFusion, PHP, SQL Server 2000 / T-SQL, Access, Visual Studio, Web Development, Web Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

My computer programming experience comes from 22 years of development for United Nations, US Air Forces, US Navy, Columbia University, GE, Kraft Foods, Nokia in conjunction with my work for Banks, Insurances, Software and Dotcom companies. My track record is been proved by bringing all considered projects to completion from the initial conception stage. Consistently ahead of schedule and within budget. I accept web development or any programming projects worldwide and always ready to do programming for you. I will work with you to come up with creative solutions for your business.

Sometimes I work together with my nephew Illya Drunov, who is Microsoft®Certified Professional and his resume can be view here.

I am a real person who lives in Channel Islands, California with my wife Olga, our sons David (8) and Jerry (4). I work out of my house fast, have a fairly unique computer programmer's style and I'm pretty good with my pricing. Please check my portoflio page and see if I would be compatible with any of your programming requests. If you're interested in a database driven website, please let me give you a bid on it. I specialize in completing computer programming projects that no one else can finish. If you're the one who's looking for a code of a high quality at an acceptable price, please consider my internet consulting and software development services. After analyzing your project requirements I will get back to you with my FREE estimate within 8 hours or less.

Your work will be done with complete confidentiality.


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