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Any project can only be as good as the client is willing to make it. Give me as much information as you have about your project, and I can work with you to determine what else might be needed to make your project a success.

There are hundreds of HTML shops out there that will gladly quote you a "per page" rate somewhere between $50.00 and $500.00. "That's quite a range," you may be saying. "Why?" Well, I can't tell why in every case, but it is a fairly safe bet that the person or company quoting $50.00 per page is going to require that you turn over completely ready-to-use text and graphics and they will "fit" your material into an existing cookie-cutter template. You will pay generic fees and receive a generic web site. It won't stand out and it probably won't accomplish what you need.

I strongly believe that each project, whether a simple task or a complex program integration or Internet web site deserves to be created to the your real needs. That means that I can't just toss out approximate costs without analyzing your requirements. I have developed a template for potential clients to fill out, a "project specification" which allow me to bid both the time and cost of your project.


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