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_What do I do?

I am a proven contract web programmer in the field of web-based solutions, .Net programming and development, web design and database engineering starting website work back to the birth of the Internet, in 1996. My focus is delivering creative and affordable technology solutions for medium to large businesses, greatly enhancing success through online prosperity.

I also offer

  • PERSONALIZED whole development
  • Web application & design projects on fixed prices
  • .Net / ASP.Net applications
  • Testing & Quality assurance for web applications
  • Usability analysis
  • Complete web based email solution
  • Shopping carts, dating sites
  • Chatting application
  • Complete project management system
  • Casino application
  • Design of sites for small & medium sized enterprises
  • Website template designs at an economical price
  • Logo and banner Design

My Care:

There are only several companies who can propose you good quality service at a acceptable price. I can also do it. But I add up by providing genuine concern and commitment to your business, your clients and his business. This adds up to your business in long term and results in a flowering strong relationship, which we cherish the most.

My Credibility:

In my 20 years of programming experience I've done over 60 projects for clients from USA, UK, UAE, Japan, Korea, Australia, France, Germany and Netherlands. I can gladly get you all the references as per your request. I also propose 6 month of warranty on any web-based solution that I provide so that none of my clients feel stranded in case they will face problems with the my work.


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