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Web Site Design

It's not a secret that today's website design directly determines the success of your business on the Web. This requires good design and layout, but not only that. It is also consist of easy navigation and content that holds your visitors attention, persuading them to contact you or buy your product. I work to create the best web-based sites and e-commerce solutions for my customers, whether new to the web, or a current site that needs redesigning or maintaining. Websites provide clients with the first impression of a company's professional skills, experience and ability to meet their needs.

Every aspect of your web business, that is visible to the public, actually represents your business. So you don't have to use a low quality website to portray your company. I work closely with you to analyze short and long-term goals and develop an in-depth understanding of your web development needs and wishes. To ensure the highest level of quality, each application undergoes rigorous quality assurance testing throughout development and is deployed through systematic launch processes.

I have colossal experience in custom page design development, that help sell products and create rich-contented portals. I also work with latest versions of Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator. Understanding your website objectives, target audience, information structures, layouts, navigation and programming - such that every single screen delivers value to you. To ensure that end product matches your individual needs and expectations. My commitment to providing a high-end web presence and I carefully hand-code each page to ensure cross-platform compatibility and each provide you with beta-tested version on my own server before being launched.

E-Commerce Solutions

For me it's necessary to understand your specific business objectives before recommending a particular Internet technology. I will help you to identify a wealth of opportunities to improve your business. Market your products, exchange information with your clients, conduct e-commerce, educate online or create any number of other applications like, for example, web-based e-commerce software to businesses serious about online sales. My shopping cart software can be used to sell directly to consumers or to other businesses.

The Internet is providing unprecedented access to information, including intranets & extranets. An intranet is a private Internet operating on your organization's internal network. Intranet applications include: corporate directories, job postings, employee bulletins, multimedia training modules, sales support, corporate data mining, customer order tracking, and more. An extranet is a collaborative network that uses Internet technology to link your business with your suppliers, clients, or other businesses. An extranet provides a secure method of exchanging data and financial transactions with known business associates. The benefits of intranets and extranets can reduce costs and increase your organization's efficiency.

I can offer you a comprehensive set of Internet services including: needs assessment, design, programming, animation, graphic design, quality assurance, documentation, and follow-up support.

Software Development

I'm capable to create any kind of software for you - from GUI applications to sophisticated engines and programming complexes. I provide custom software solutions ranging from personal to enterprise-wide client/server computing. From needs assessment and initial design to deployment and training, Infinity's staff supports the entire life cycle of system development. My principal directions of development are research and selection of the optimal web technologies, research of data domain and creation of detailed specifications for a project, creation of prototypes and demo versions, system planning and implementation, creating of project documentation, product support.

I create systems for operation in Internet (front-end and back-end applications). Also able to design (and test for reliability and performance) an interaction protocol between client and server.

Network Services

I have an experience designing and deploying entire information infrastructures, setting up complete data centers, configuring client hardware, and establishing connectivity. I can provide solutions that incorporate Internet access, facilitate an internal corporate intranet environment, or set up Web-based communications across multiple organizations through a secure extranet.

Whether you need a total solution for hundreds of users across multiple sites, or just some last minute advice, I also can help you. My skills and experience provide services that support most network architectures, operating systems, and protocols.

IT Consulting

With my expertise I can advise in making better use of the internet and information technology in your business. Whether this is to develop an internet strategy, cutting costs through technology or advising on a responsible backup system.


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